On this day in 2015, I had my final flight as an Army Aviator. My friend CW4 Dan Hiestand was able to get a flight approved with me in a TH-67, the same kind of aircraft I first flew as an Army Aviator in training (nearly 19 years earlier to the day) on February 20, 1996.

It was great to have my final flight with Dan. We have known each other for many years; we had previously served together at Fort Rucker as Kiowa Warrior instructors (2004-2005), we flew and served together in Alaska and deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom with 6-17 Cavalry (2008-2009), and we served and flew together in Afghanistan as MD530 instructors (2013).

I was incredibly lucky that in my final months before retirement, I had been afforded the opportunity to have a final flight in each of the Army aircraft I flew during my career. The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, the UH-72 Lakota, the OH-58C Kiowa, and the TH-67 Creek. I suppose my final flight in the MD530 was in Afghanistan.

I looked in my logbook and could not find this exact tail number from my flight school days. But it is possible I flew it during my training, there are quite a few entries that are without tail number entries in my logbook from 1996.

March 9, 2015