On this date in 2014, I had the bittersweet honor of being able to fly the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior one more time before they flew away from Fort Rucker for the final time.

By this time in 2014, my 2015 retirement was on the horizon, and my friend Randy Morris (current DAC and retired CW5) was able to finagle me not only a final flight, but we got some .50 cal and rockets to shoot too.

It was a beautiful day to fly, and an absolute hoot to be able to go out with Randy and fire off some Freedom at the Molinelli Aerial Gunnery Range Complex one more time.

Pictured below is the obligatory in-cockpit selfie with me and Randy before we took off. Additionally, there is a picture of the previous time Randy and I had flown together in an armed Kiowa Warrior – August 2008 in and around Mosul, Iraq.  Randy was the Squadron SP of the outgoing squadron and I was the Squadron SP of the incoming Squadron.

Also pictured is a silly family portrait in front of my trusty Kiowa Warrior; one last time.


August 28, 2014