Western Afghanistan was an interesting place to fly. Team instructor pilots would often go out for multi-ship cross-country flight training with our Afghan student pilots.
On this particular day, we departed Shindand Air Base (OASD) and went south through the mountain range and on to the US FOB near Farah for refuel, then returned to Shindand.
On the flight down, I asked my Afghan trainee to take a video clip of me flying.
Also on the way south, we orbited this old citadel. I haven’t been able to find any information on who made them, but there is a chain of them between Herat and Farah. In my opinion, they look 18th or 19th century-ish. Can you spot the MD530?
On the way back to Shindand Air Base from Farah, our team of 2 found a nice wide ridgeline at about 7000’MSL.
After a good flight, safely back at Shindand Air Base, our sightseeing, um, training flight complete, there was time for a selfie, then put our trusty steed away for the night and head over to chow.


January 17, 2013

Here is a link to the citadel in Google Maps: